Who We Are

Afrab-Chem Limited is a respected leader in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry in Nigeria, which is also strongly committed to producing high quality pharmaceutical products to the satisfaction of its customers.  Over the past four decades, Afrab-Chem has grown into a pharmaceutical conglomerate whose impact is felt across the nation... read more

Our Certified Facility

Over the last four decades, Afrab-Chem Liited established its quality pharmaceutical industry and contributed immensely to the health care delivery system in Nigeria by producing what the Nation needs with total commitment to high quality products. In four functioning Production departments in its factory Liquid and Suspension, Tablets and Solid Preparations, Antibiotics & External Preparations. Formulations, Preparations and Production are thoroughly checked, controlled and executed by an energetic and experienced Production and Quality Control / Assurance personell to the best GMP standard


  • Loratadine Tablet

    Tablet (NRN: A4-7347): Loratadine 10 mg.

    Pack size: Blister packs of 2 x 10 and 10 x 10.

  • Reumex Lotion

    Lotion (NRN: A4-2883): Methyl Salicylate 160 mg, Camphor 24 mg, Menthol 100 mg, Eucalyptus Oil 20 mg, Capsicum Oleoresin 5 mg .

    Pack size: Bottles of 50 mL.

  • Panda Paracetamol Caplet

    Tablets (NRN: 04-2019), Caplets (NRN: A4-9281) Paracetamol BP 100.00 mg

    Pack size: PET bottles of 15ml.

  • Panda Paracetamol Drops

    Drop (NRN: 04-1956): Paracetamol BP 100.00 mg

    Pack size: PET bottles of 15ml.


  • Haloperidol

    Tablet (NRN: A4-4712): Haloperidol BP 10 mg.

    Pack size: 1000’s in white HDPE containers.

  • Nospamin Drops

    Oral Drops (NRN:04-0210): Homatropine methylbromide USP 2 mg per mL.

    Pack size: 15 mL bottle with dropper.